ArchSolar Videos


We’ve collected a few of our favorite videos so you can get a taste of ArchSolar.

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Up first — A recent light dep campus in central Maine. 23,000sf of four-season ArchSolar light dep greenhouses on one campus in central Maine. These premium structures went up fast in the spring of 2019 and allowed growers to setup a thriving greenhouse cultivation and processing campus and establish strong businesses around top shelf products.


Up next — This 8,000sf central Maine hybrid greenhouse is outfitted with a premium automated light dep curtain system, open heating & cooling, and LED lighting. 6,400sf of the facility is bisected 3,200sf veg a flower bays which are complimented by a 1,600sf ArchSolar style Head House used for extraction, security, lighting bank, office space, and restrooms. This greenhouse has light diffusing corrugated polycarbonate glazing to harness valuable solar energy and light and a SIP wall system for extra insulation.
This facility performs at an unmatched level of efficiency year round in a very harsh climate — from hot and very humid in summer to temperatures hovering around zero degrees in winter.

Little River Flower Farm ArchSolar

And now — A breakdown of what ArchSolar has to offer. In this product overview video you’ll see what products and services we provide. From light dep to rooftop aquaponics, there’s a solution for your with an ArchSolar structure.


Last but not least — A quick look at how our fiberglass arches are installed. Fiberglass arches make installation quick and easy with just a small crew. Each arch is assembled on the ground and then attached to the steel columns of the greenhouse frame. All steel columns and fiberglass components of a 10,000-15,000sf greenhouse can be installed in as little as a 1 week.

Julia Pope