Insulation & Glazing


Many claim to build hybrid greenhouses, no one does it like ArchSolar.

structural insulated panels • multi-wall polycarbonate • light dep ready • installation in days

With our hybrid greenhouse design you’ll get all the benefits of naturally lit growing with the environmental control of an indoor system. That’s reduced supplemental lighting costs, lower disease rates, more enjoyable work environment, and full spectrum taste, texture and terps — all without losing finely tuned climate control, pest prevention, and security.

Unique insulation and glazing materials and techniques lift our hybrid greenhouses to the next level.

Structural Insulated Panel Walls

We use Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, to create a thermal barrier with structural integrity. Our SIPs come in various weights and thicknesses for any project in any climate. The compact foam interior with steel outer layers allows for finely-tuned climate control and security. You don’t need a lot of time and a big crew to install our SIP wall system; the snap-together technology makes installation a breeze. Plus, the SIP walls provide a top of the line light deprivation environment.

ArchSolar SIP walls
ArchSolar SIP wall
ArchSolar SIP installation

Glazing Options

We offer multi-wall polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate, and acrylic glazings. All are available in multiple thicknesses, transmission and diffusion levels. Typically, our greenhouses are glazed in twin-wall polycarbonate. This material is compatible with most greenhouse builds in most locations. Twin-wall polycarbonate allows for quality light transmission and diffusion for premium crop production year round. All of our greenhouses use standing seam technology for polycarbonate installation which means your glazing goes on fast with just a team of 2 or 3 people.

Polycarbonate Installation
ArchSolar Veg Room
Corrugated Polycarbonate ArchSolar
Polycarbonate Installation ArchSolar