Our Structures


Why the Arches?

They’re in the name, they must be important, right? Right! The composite arches don’t just give your greenhouse a unique and innovative aesthetic. The arch shape provides outstanding structural geometry which allows for some of the widest clear spans in the industry without sacrificing best in class snow and wind load capacity. The pultruded fiberglass I-beams are exceptionally strong and have very low thermal conductivity compared to metal. Fiberglass’ unmatched thermal performance means our arches reduce interior condensation and relieve strain on your heating and cooling system. Plus, the arch shape and wide bays delivers comfortable and efficient ergonomics so you’ll have happy growers and healthy plants.

Knowing all this, why settle for metal?

You’ve got options with ArchSolar.

Our four main structural styles all deliver the same ArchSolar features and benefits like excellent snow and wind loads, unmatched thermal performance, turnkey component installations, renewable energy integrations, and wide clear spans. Here’s a breakdown of each model’s unique features:

Gutter Connect

  • The solution for any grower looking for canopy height and versatility

  • Up to 14ft truss height

  • Ideal for projects of 5,000sf or more

  • From 1 bay and up


  • Ideal for growers who need a modular solution with limited site prep necessary, and want secure, built-in processing and utility space inside shipping containers

  • Typically a 12ft truss height

  • Good for projects of 1,600sf canopy space and up, with additional shipping container space

  • From 1 bay and up

Ground to Ground

  • Designed for soil farmers or those who want controlled hardening-off space

  • Gothic-style roof line

  • Single bay only

  • Customizable length and width

Head House & Utility

  • Ideal for anyone for projects that need additional space for processing, storage, extraction and utilities.

  • Can be integrated into Gutter Connect or GrowBox footprints or built as a stand-alone building

  • Comes with ArchSolar’s proprietary thermal roofing system

  • Excellent opportunity to incorporate PV array coverage into your grow

Ready to learn about what systems and components are available for your ArchSolar greenhouse?