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  • A fully customizable gutter connect design which incorporates shipping containers for added security and modularity

  • Intended for growers who want integrated light dep bays with head house, extraction, and processing space in secure shipping containers

  • Very quick installation gets your product to market fast and your business up and running in weeks not months

ArchSolar GrowBox


Semi-Permanent & Expandable

Shipping containers provide a modular foundation for GrowBox. Our fiberglass arches span between the containers to create naturally lit canopy space. GrowBox bay widths are customizable and you can incorporate as many containers as you need. Shipping containers of multiple sizes can be incorporated, typically we suggest 40 foot units as they are easiest to acquire. From a single bay facility with only a couple of containers to a more expansive operation with multiple bays and many containers — GrowBox gives you flexibility for the future.

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Endless Configurations

GrowBox’s shipping containers can take any form you like based on your needs. Whether you’re looking for extraction or processing, storage or office space, utilities or storefront area — make GrowBox your own. We can work with you to design the best retrofit option on a budget or provide you with top-of-the-line C1D1 Equipment.

ArchSolar GrowBox

Financing Available

Leasing, equity, or loans. We have strong relationships with third party financing providers who will work with you to get your business started. Our financing partners are familiar with the industry and provide various terms and opportunities. Don’t wait, get growing today.

Grow outside the box.

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