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There’s a GrowBox behind every greenhouse.

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Create an All-Inclusive Facility

ArchSolar’s unique design doesn’t stop at fiberglass arches and extra wide bays — An ArchSolar GrowBox is like no other greenhouse in the industry. Add one of our many container retrofit options to you ArchSolar greenhouse and upgrade it to a GrowBox. Every operation will benefit from the security, versatility, and efficiency of containers.

ArchSolar GrowBox Maine

Dynamic Design

With containers as your greenhouse foundation you create a more versatile and expandable greenhouse operation than ever thought possible. GrowBox opens the door to reduced installation time, innovative space efficiency solutions, limited site prep, and permitting hurdles.

ArchSolar GrowBox Maine


GrowBox’s unique modularity makes it eligible for many financing programs. Whether you’re expanding your business or starting from scratch, you’ve got options. Don’t lose your competitive edge by missing out on top of the line setups. Learn more about our financing options.


C1D1 & CO2 Extraction Labs

Our containerized extraction lab options let you integrate every step of your operation under one greenhouse roof. Take your plants from seed to sale on site. Our labs come in multiple sizes and trim levels to meet your requirements and budget. Each model meets regulations and is delivered fully assembled and ready for operation. Leasing available!

ArchSolar Grow Room Installation

Container Grow Rooms

Veg rooms, flower rooms, and more. Ideal for hemp and cannabis production. Premium HVAC systems, efficient and adjustable lighting packages, humidity control, CO2 injection – all of which you can control remotely from your phone. Choose from existing designs or have us create a custom solution for you. Compatible with any ArchSolar greenhouse so you can have an all-in-one operation and powerful business plan.

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Find the GrowBox behind your greenhouse.

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