Ground to Ground

by archsolar


Ground to Ground

  • Excellent solutions for farmers looking to grow year-round in any climate

  • Keep operating costs down with low thermal conductivity materials and integrated renewables

  • Available in many standard sizes or customizable to fit your business model and site requirements

ArchSolar Ground to Ground Maine

ArchSolar Ground to Ground Greenhouse Maine

Year Round Efficiency

With ArchSolar’s fiberglass arches, polycarbonate glazing, and integrated renewables, your Ground to Ground greenhouse provides efficient year-round crop production.

ArchSolar Ground to Ground Greenhouse Maine

Renewable Energy

We offer many times of renewable energy features, incorporate them all or just a few — it’s up to you and your business model. Flexible PV Arrays can be laminated directly to the roof of your greenhouse. Phase Change Materials can be incorporated into your raised beds. Multiple hyper-efficient HVAC solutions can be installed. We’ll help you define your needs and design the best greenhouse for your needs.

Internal Components-Fan-Solar

Top of the Line Components

All of our greenhouses are outfitted with the best quality equipment because your success is our success. From sophisticated software-operated controls to a simple fan-based ventilation system, we have various options to fit your specific growing style and goals.

Greener. Faster.

Better. Stronger.

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