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We do things a little differently around here.

With every ArchSolar greenhouse you get a turnkey solution that reduces operating costs. Add an innovative light dep system to an already unique design and you’ll be looking at your competition in the rear view mirror.

ArchSolar Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Simple and Reliable

We use a unique horizontal rack and pinion system. This creates a simplified and robust and light-tight system with limited maintenance required. What’s better than a low maintenance and high performing system?

Shade and Light Dep Curtains

Reduced Operating Costs

Our curtains run along each bay at truss height. This moderates the temperature around your plants better than a curtain system that runs along a greenhouse’s roof line. The light dep curtain acts in unison with an energy shade curtain, reducing strain on your heating and cooling system. Add this to the already low conductivity of fiberglass and you’ve got a system that’s good for your plants and your ROI. Check out how ArchSolar brought down a Maine grower’s energy usage in a year.

ArchSolar Light Deprivation Greenhouse Cloth

Only the Best for Your Grow

As with all of our greenhouse components, we source only premium and proven products and materials for our light deprivation set up. Svensson Obscura cloth, Wadsworth motors, and proven hardware make up a tough light dep system that lasts.


A Turnkey Package

Our light dep solution doesn’t stop at the curtains. We provide you with a system that will yield top shelf product, down to the last detail. Breathable walls on every fan and intake allow for reliable ventilation without compromising your black out. Opaque walls around the bay up to truss height block out light at provide insulation with your choice of SIPs or polycarbonate. It’s our goal to match your light dep needs — so dream big, we’ll make it happen.

ArchSolar GrowBox Drone

Visualize your setup…

Typically, our light deprivation system is deployed in our Gutter Connect greenhouses or GrowBox. The curtain system is designed to click right into these structures so installation is quick and easy. Not sure which structure is right for you? Give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss your options.

Paint it black.