Climate Control

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ArchSolar’s Hybrid Greenhouses are pulling the industry into the 21st century.

We set you up for lower heating and cooling costs from the start with excellent thermal performance, low thermal conductivity fiberglass, multi-wall standing-seam polycarbonate glazing, shade cloth to reduce HVAC load, and structural insulated panel walls (SIPs). It’s our mission to dial in your grow, lower your HVAC costs, and bring your operation to the next level.

When it comes outfitting your greenhouse you have two options, our Open System option and our Closed System setup. The Open System package will get the job done in most climates and keeps capital costs down. Our Closed System package, exclusively provided by ArchSolar, uses VRF and VAV technology to deliver a hyper-efficient HVAC system with indoor-style control. You can’t get that kind of technology anywhere else.

The energy numbers are in:

ArchSolar vs. Indoor

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Open System

Classic Solution • Big Fans • Fresh Air • Affordable

The standard ArchSolar heating and cooling package is ideal for the Mid and North Western United States, Northern New England, and regions where regulations permit an open-style greenhouse HVAC system. This package is made up of fans that will dump the heat from your greenhouse in 60 seconds; add evaporative cooling pads, breathable walls, air heaters, and in-slab radiant heat and you have a reliable proven system. This system will keep your plants healthy and happy and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your budget.

ArchSolar Shade Curtain
ArchSolar Maine Greenhouse Winter
Ventilation ArchSolar Greenhouse
Breathable Walls ArchSolar

Closed System

Variable Cooling •  Dehumidification •  Heating • Complete Control

The precise climate control of an indoor grow with all the benefits of naturally lit growing. If you’re growing in a high humidity area or have concerns about pest and disease control in a highly-regulated region that requires a closed-style facility, this solution is for you.
Through an exclusive partnership, ArchSolar provides VRF and VAV style heating and cooling systems that ensure high quality production without compromising your operational costs.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

The Variable Refrigerant Flow Air Conditioning technology (VRF) utilizes variable control of the compressors that allow the compressors to run continuously at a very low energy mode. This translates to continuous cooling similar to chiller based systems and eliminates the energy spikes and high demand charges of a traditional AC system.

Variable Air Volume

Our systems also utilize a variable air volume (VAV) technology based on highly efficient magnetic drive blowers that run on 30% of the energy required of traditional roof top units. The blower can be run down to 10% which means low energy continuous cooling is available throughout the day without the costly switching on and off. Tightly controlled with sensors, the system is designed to run on very finely tuned set points for cooling and dehumidification. This means that the system can accomplish both high volume dehumidification and effective cooling on a single system using a minimal amount of energy.

What’s this mean for your grow?

By using both the VRF and the VAV technology in a single system, the capacity of the system can be reduced by 50-70% compared to a standard commercial air conditioning system.  The sizing of the system can be reduced by up to 40% compared to traditional rooftop HVAC saving on upfront capital costs as well. 

ArchSolar VRF HVAC
ArchSolar VRF HVAC
ArchSolar VAV HVAC

Need climate control? Don’t sweat it.