ArchSolar vs. Indoor: Energy Usage

If you’re still thinking indoor… You might want to think hybrid greenhouse instead.

A grower running an indoor facility and an ArchSolar greenhouse on the same site in central Maine pulled his electric meter readings from a 12 month period and this is what he saw:

ArchSolar vs. Indoor Greenhouse

The ArchSolar facility is a year round light dep greenhouse with open-style heating and cooling. The facility is cultivated by caregivers and has been operating since the Fall of 2017.

The data illustrates the built-in thermal performance of every ArchSolar greenhouse. Insulated walls and glazing, low thermal conductivity of fiberglass arches, and a tight seal reduces the load on this grower’s ventilation system. Plus, by using natural light, there’s no need for massive supplemental lighting banks that suck a tremendous amount of power.

With a hybrid greenhouse you get indoor-style control while keeping your energy usage low.

Julia Pope