Renewable Energy

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Renewable power is about a green future — for the planet and your wallet.

When you integrate renewable energy sources into your greenhouse facility you reduce your operating costs. That’s environmental and economic sustainability.


production up. energy usage down.

ArchSolar greenhouses are built from materials of low thermal conductivity that keep operating costs low. Add renewables to an already high performing facility and what do you get? A bullet proof business model and a carbon footprint you can be proud of.


Photovoltaic Array

Start transforming the sun’s rays into power for your greenhouse equipment and you’ll start to transform your business. Our flexible solar panels laminate directly onto your greenhouse’s polycarbonate glazing and immediately bring your operating costs down. Most plants still grow optimally with 30% or more opaque solar coverage. So don’t worrying about covering your greenhouse with a PV array, you won’t be over-shading your plants.

Little River Flower Farm in Buxton, Maine, is paving the way!

ArchSolar Thermal Roof Installation

Phase Change Material

Phase Change Material (PCM) acts as a natural temperature control anywhere in your greenhouse. Most commonly used to line beds in a ground to ground greenhouse or for ArchSolar’s thermally dynamic roofing system in a head house. Ask us about your options, it’s all about reducing HVAC energy usage and saving you money.


Co-Generation Technology

Cogen is a highly efficient way of generating power for your greenhouse. This process creates energy while also retaining and recovering heat. Cogen units come in many different forms and sizes. We are ready to discuss your options for increasing your energy savings with Cogen.


Not ready to add renewables? That’s ok. ArchSolar greenhouses save big anyway.