Lighting Options

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We partner with only the most experienced and high quality lighting producers in the industry.

Whatever solution you choose, you’ll be in good hands and we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your greenhouse is glowing.

LED Greenhouse Lighting TSR


There are a few big wins for LED: Low energy consumption, more spectrum options, fewer bulb changes, dimmable, and lower heat intensity per fixture, and long high performance lifetime.

The main cons include: high capital cost, less canopy penetration, and smaller light throw than HPS which means you need more fixtures per square foot.

HPS Greenhouse Lighting


HPS lights have been around a while and have proven success in and out of greenhouses. They’re low on capital costs, high on intensity, and in colder climates can help heat the structure. However, this intensity and heat factor means more energy consumption and an increase in facility cooling demand. Plus, they need some time to turn on and off and can often deliver high peak demand charges on your energy bill.

Plasma Lights ArchSolar


Plasma could be the lighting of the future. It’s extremely low energy for it’s very large footprint per fixture and is truly full spectrum. These lights deliver UV A and B, are dimmable, and have quick start up. What’s the catch? Well, like anything on the cutting edge, they’re not cheap. But financing and leasing is available and the ROI is impressive.


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