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Ebb & Flow Rolling Tables

by archsolar

ArchSolar Greenhouse Rolling Tables

Our rolling table solution that allows you to maximize your greenhouse footprint so you can increase yields and profit margins. You can boost your space utilization efficiency up to 15% compared to traditional greenhouse operations. These tables work brilliantly within an ArchSolar 50+ foot bay. If you’re choosing ArchSolar, why not choose the most efficient grow system solution too?

Read about how our 50ft bays compliment our table system:



Grow Systems Considerations

Whether you’re designing your first grow or you’re a seasoned greenhouse cultivator, how you grow your crop is as important as the roof over its head.

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Fertigation is all about getting your plants the nutrients they need to thrive. Depending on what type of grow system setup you choose (tables, felt pots, in-ground…) your fertigation system will vary. Ask yourself questions like: What medium am I growing in (water, soil, coco coir…)? What type of system do I want to create (in-soil, hydroponic, aquaponic…)? Are there any ergonomic factors I need to consider (trellising, number of plants, maintenance access…)?

There’s lots of options, let us help you decide which is right for you.

Greenhouse Raised Beds


Your hardware depends on what you’re growing and how you intend to grow it. When considering fertigation, maybe you thought about ebb and flow hydroponics which would be supported nicely with tables. Or a felt pot system with a coco coir mix which would require a trellis setup. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to build a setup around your plants that will make them most happy and productive over time.

During the design phase, we’ll work with you to figure all that out.

Greenhouse Fertigation Control


The defining factor of any grow system setup is control — how much do you need? How much do you want? What style works best for you? What’s your budget? What are your goals?

Controllers, their corresponding sensors, and components come in many different shapes and sizes. Check out our page on Grow Control for more information.


A little overwhelmed? Don’t sweat it. We’re ready to help.