Controls & Monitoring

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Dialing in your grow is an important to your business as it is for your plants.

In a world where software-based growing is the expectation, we integrate only top of the line control and monitoring systems into our greenhouses. We want your greenhouse to run like a well oiled machine and you to have quick remote access anytime anywhere.

GrowLink Setup ArchSolar

We suggest Growlink. Here’s why:

In an ArchSolar greenhouse, Growlink’s sleek design fits in seamlessly. From controller to fertigation setup, Growlink has all the high-performing bells and whistles you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Plus, you can monitor and control your grow remotely so nothing will fall through the cracks.


Every Detail Covered

Growlink Smart Sense uses a new selection of high-end professional sensors. It allows to monitor multiple environmental parameters involving a wide range of applications. There are sensors for climate, soil monitoring and plant health. Hundreds of sensors can be connected in series to each remote module.

Growlink One ArchSolar

The Ultimate Experience

The Growlink One controller was designed to deliver the ultimate smart farm experience, featuring the highest quality components and processing power to coordinate hundreds of sensors and devices throughout your entire farm.

Growlink ArchSolar

There when you need support

Once your greenhouse is up and running you probably won’t need much in the way of support — but sometimes a little help is welcome. A team of experts is ready to answer your questions and share best practices. With Growlink in your ArchSolar greenhouse, you’re family.


Ready to farm smart?