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Increase yields, lower costs, create measurable social impact.

We develop low cost, high performing integrated solar projects, providing photovoltaic (PV) structures, expertise and financing options to farmers and land owners/developers. Based in Portland, Maine, ArchSolar offers innovative PV project models for farmers and landowners/developers including:

  1. Greenhouse projects – provide farmers increased productivity and yield with controlled climate growing, lower and predictable long-term energy costs as well as solar incentives.
  1. Pre-engineered building projects – provide landowners/developers with solidly constructed PV buildings that lower lifetime cost of ownership, produce solar electricity and generate solar tax credits.
  1. Semi-Permanent Structures – provide landowners/developers 20′ or 40′ wide expansive solar structures that maximize watts per square foot and handle large loads at competitive cost per watt

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For Farmers/Growers

Farmers face uncertain energy costs, yields that are climate dependent and difficulty accessing wholesale markets and capital. ArchSolar’s integrated solar covered greenhouses and technical expertise solves these problems providing greater returns, business certainty and long-term profitability

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For Solar Installers/Developers

Our pre-engineered solar buildings can span up to 80 feet and be up to 30 feet high, supporting a wide range of potential uses. Our innovative integrated solar canopies and pre-engineered PV structures increase property productivity, property value and energy yield.

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