Arch Solar

Waldoboro Environmental Park

ArchSolar is collaborating with the Waldoboro Environmental Park and Ocean Organics to build a climate controlled structure to produce value-added made in Maine agricultural products.
Constructing the Pre-Engineered PV Building at the Waldoboro Environmental Park

Constructing the Pre-Engineered PV Building at the Waldoboro Environmental Park

This building is part of the Maine Technology Institute’s Sustainable Year-Round Agriculture Initiative as an innovative climate controlled storage structure that is designed to reduce the carbon footprint associated with climate controlled structures.

The design of the Ocean Organics building, housed in the Waldoboro Environmental Park, brings together different innovative building materials. These materials provide built-in Solar PV and Solar Thermal, to get the maximum thermal and heat storage out of the building.


Building Features

•  Fiberglass I-Beams: 5 times lighter than steel, non-corrosive, and less conductive, these arches outperform steel from a thermal perspective. The I-Beams allow us to span 60 ft in a single span.

•  Polycarbonate Building Skin: This feature allows for important light to come into the building and incorporates active solar thermal heating into the structure.

• Phase Change Materials: These thermal storage mediums are integrated throughout the building to absorb heat harvested from the south wall. They provide heated air to the building on sunny days, which is released into the structure long after the sun goes down. They also provide cooling in summer months.

•  Integrated  Climate Control Sensors: These monitor heat, relative humidity, and guide circulation logic throughout the buiding.

•  Flexible CIG Solar Panels produced by Miasolé to generate 16,000 kwh per year.


Project Highlights 
58’wide “clear span”x 22’ high x 60’ long12.5 KW solar array built into roof
3,600 sf of production areaR-39 roof, R-18 walls
35’ radius pultruded fiberglass archesActive solar thermal system
Built to withstand 50 lb snow load, 105 mph windPhase change materials for heat storage
Miasolé flexible CIGS solar panels30% Investment Tax Credit for PV array and solar thermal system
Configured solar coverage up to 4 watts/s.f.Application for 25% USDA REAP Grants available

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