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PV Greenhouse

Decrease energy costs while increasing yields
ArchSolar's PV Greenhouse in Buxton, Maine

ArchSolar’s PV Greenhouse in Buxton, Maine

Year round growing requires a great deal of energy for supplemental lighting and heating to meet acceptable commercial yields. Our greenhouses are designed to cut the energy inputs of the greenhouse by up to 50% while capturing all of the benefits of natural light.

Our PV greenhouses come with solar panels integrated into the glazing, generating electricity for the structure below, while providing benefits of shading.   We can configure the amount of solar on your greenhouse according to your crops’ light requirements.

We use anti-condensation polycarbonate that provides for high light transmission, excellent working environment and the strength to deal with the harshest conditions. The polycarbonate also provides sufficient insulation for year round growing in any climate.  Our greenhouses are designed to easily accomodate an energy curtain.  We offer a variety of supplemental LED lighting to help make up for lower levels in the winter months. Thermal energy is stored for heating at night in phase change materials, further reducing the cost.

System Benefits:

  • Controlled environment growing
  • Sun’s full spectrum of light for free energy
  • Potential for energy curtains or light deprivation system
  • Savings on lighting cost
  • Eligibility of tax credits for solar
  • Generates own electricity
  • Locked-in energy costs


Dimensions45' wide x 18'high x any length
36' wide x 16' high x any length
StructurePultruded Fiberglass arches, 25' and 35' radius
UP to 80b/s.f. snow load and 105 mph winds
Multi-layer polycarbonate skin for higher insulation
Solar power120 watt flexible panels
3 to 5 watts/s.f. depending on crop strategy
Incentives30% Investment Tax Credit
State Solar Incentives
USDA REAP Guarantees to 90%
25% USDA REAP Grants available
Thermal PerformanceR-2.3 polycarbonate glazing
Low conductive losses - no metal
Phase Change Material Available
CustomizableSolar Coverage based on your energy and lighting needs
Modular, designed to your specifications
Can be installed by farm crew
SizesAvailable in 30', 36', 45' wide x any length

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