Arch Solar

Pre-Engineered PV Buildings

Innovative building materials and design guarantee maximum environmental performance
ArchSolar's Pre-Engineered PV Building in Waldoboro, Maine

Putting up the Structure: ArchSolar’s Pre-Engineered PV Building in Waldoboro, Maine

ArchSolar’s Pre-Engineered PV Buildings offer structurally robust climate controlled buildings that generate electricity and thermal heating.


Dimensions58' wide x 25' high x any length
45' wide x 18' high x any length
36' wide x 16' wide x any length
StructurePultruded Fiberglass arches, 25' and 35' radius
Can tolerate 80 lb/s.f. snow load and 100 mph winds
Solar Power360 watt flexible panels
10 watts/s.f. depending on goals
33KW array installed with roof
Incentives30% Investment Tax Credit
State Solar Incentives
USDA REAP Guarantees to 90%
25% USDA REAP Grants available
Thermal PerformanceR-39 Roof, R-18
Active Solar Thermal System
Phase Change Material for storage
UsesBarns, warehouses, storage structures
CustomizableSolar coverage based on your energy and lighting needs
Modular, designed to your specifications
SizesAvailable in 39', 36', 45' wide x any length

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