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gblogoGet the best of controlled environment growing while benefiting from natural light

The GrowBox is a hybrid indoor-outdoor greenhouse structure comprised of refurbished shipping containers in combination with our traditional greenhouse offering. The result is a hybrid greenhouse structure with both insulated indoor production space and a typical greenhouse space that takes advantage of the benefits of natural light growing, providing the best of both worlds.


  • Natural light growing
  • Indoor growing space
  • Secure environment
  • Built-in light deprivation
  • Speed and ease of construction
    • Lower energy footprint
    • Fully climate controlled
    • Comfortable ergonomics
    • Temporary structure permitting
    • Can be relocated if necessary







The GrowBox offers a controlled environment greenhouse setting. This means growers enjoy natural light for 3/4 of the year relying on electricity for supplemental lighting as needed.  HVAC is greatly reduced as heat can be controlled better than in a warehouse.

When compared with traditional indoor warehouse settings, the GrowBox offers growers significantly lower capital and operating costs.  The following table compares costs that are annualized including finance to have a comparison for rental purposes.

Cost ComponentWarehouse Build Out ($/s.f./year)GrowBox
Debt service for loan on growing equipment including lighting, carbon dioxide regulation, fertigation
(assumes $35,000 cost and 5 year loan)
Debt service on 5 year average fit out costs
($50,000, HVAC, electrical upgrades)
Average rent per year$10.00$20.00
Utilities @ $25/s.f./year$25-$40$10.00
Total Fixed and Energy Costs$54-$69$35.00


  • Installed and growing within two weeks
  • Up to five harvests per year
  • Save over 60% on energy costs vs. indoor growing
  • Return on investment in two years on energy savings alone






Download GrowBox Fact Sheet (277 kb)

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