Arch Solar

For Farmers/Growers

Farmers face uncertain energy costs, yields that are climate dependent and difficulty accessing wholesale markets and capital. ArchSolar’s integrated solar covered greenhouses and technical expertise solves these problems by providing greater returns, business certainty and long-term profitability through:
• Increased crop yield in controlled growing environment compared to open field agUntitledriculture
• Ability to produce at scale and access wholesale markets year round
• Steady cash flow and business continuity
• Fixed energy costs
• Additional revenue in the form of electricity sale, tax credits, rebates, and renewable energy credits

For a little over the cost of retail roof-mounted solar system, ArchSolar creates an attractive economic proposition for growers in many kinds and sizes of business, through an additional revenue stream, the generation of electricity, and achieving a longer growing season.

Growers receive a fixed-roof structure for year-round production and receive the benefits net metering by banking generated power. This provides less electricity risk until the project is paid off, at which time the electricity becomes free. Finally, in states with solar incentives, they receive the additional benefits of solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), which can run as high as $.25 per kilowatt hour and lead to faster payback scenarios.

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