Arch Solar


ArchSolar is focused on three primary lines of business:

1.  Agricultural Applications including PVG’s and barn structures
2.  Pre-engineered buildings (PEB’s)
3.  Hybrid Indoor-Outdoor greenhouse structures comprised of refurbished shipping containers in combination with our traditional greenhouse offering

We supply photovoltaic and composite greenhouses as stand-alone or gutter-connected greenhouses. Depending on customer requirements, these structures will be available in polycarbonate or glass.

Our PV Integrated Greenhouse in Buxton, Maine

We have developed a standalone greenhouse built of white pultruded fiberglass. Our standalone greenhouse is available in a 45 foot span, as well as in a 36 and 30 foot version. This design is built with the goal of being a structure that can be installed by a farmer with experience erecting other greenhouses or farm structures.

1. Closed climate growing and improved production rates
2. Additional revenue from electricity, SRECS and tax incentives
3. Integrated structure capable of withstanding 70 psf of snow and 120 mph winds.

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